More info on Jacob Castle Genealogy

This info is deemed correct and was sent to me by several Castle researchers, and is posted here to help others and to try to find our connection back!


Jacob Castle Sr. was born in Abt 1717 in Lancaster Co., PA and died 1 Jul 1789 in Holston River area, VA. He never went by the spelling of "Cassel" due to a falling out with his father, Peter. Jacob met Sowege (Gliding Swan), a Shawnee Indian from Western PA and moved to present day Augusta Co., VA in the mid 1700's. According to  a very knowledgeable Castle/Cassel researcher, he had the following children:

With Sowege:
1. Catherine Castle, b. Abt 1744, d. Abt 1749
2. Jacob Castle Jr., b. Abt 1749, Augusta Co., VA; d. 26 Sep 1840, Augusta Co., VA
3. Littleton Castle, b. Abt 1754, VA; d. Abt 1838, MS
4. Joseph Castle, b. Abt 1761, Augusta Co., VA; d. Abt 1787

With Second Marriage or more...
1. Bazle Castle, b. Abt 1761, Washington Co., VA; d. Abt 1846, Floyd Co., KY
2. Mary Castle, b. Abt 1762
3. Henry Castle, b. Abt 1764
4. John Castle, b. Abt 1766
5. Rachel Castle, b. Abt 1769
6. Abraham Castle, b. Abt 1773
7. George Castle, b. Abt 1777
8. David Castle, b. Abt 1788

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